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getActive is a non-profit organization based in Vienna, Austria, which aims at empowering people to take initiative and ignite positive change for both themselves and society. „What does is take to get active?“ is one of our guiding questions, resulting in the main areas of our engagement:

  • Network and Community: We bring together changemakers and changemakers-to-be, we organize events to inspire and get inspired, to connect, collaborate, and co-create.
  • Information and Inspiration: Global challenges and existing alternatives need to be known in ordern to be adressed! In workshops, seminars, speaches and articles we inform and inspire. Our main areas of expertise are: Resilient communities for a postfosil world, ecological footprint, collaborative economy, commons and gift economy, youth empowerment, vision development and implementation, and participation.
  • Deep connection to yourself and the world: Knowing and feeling the world’s challenges, as well as your own gifts, potentials and purpose is a precondition for taking initiative which brings positive change to both your own life and society. We therefore also offer trainings in the areas of deep ecology, vision quest work and self-awareness.
  • Tools & Know-How: In order to be manifested, „knowing what“ needs „knowing how“: We therefore offer trainings and facilitation in the areas of sustainable, participatory project design and vision implementation.