The Complicator

The Complicator


“Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated.”



No task, assignment or decision is easy for the Complicator. He has a unique talent for turning simple things into complex, multilayered processes. Consider an everyday task, such as buying milk in the supermarket. The Complicator asks himself which factor to prioritise: Should he consider the price or the quality? Should he buy organic milk from a faraway region or one from conventional farming from the local area? Or instead of supporting the exploitation of animals, he could buy soya (or oat, rice, coconut, almond etc.) milk. Maybe he should not buy milk in the supermarket but on the market from a small producer… Lost in the labyrinth of different options, factors and choices, the Complicator often just walks out of the supermarket without any milk and decides to make some tea instead. But which one? Herbal or fruit tea? Black or green? And so on…

The Complicator does not have an easy life. And we have not even talked about making decisions such as which studies/job to take or the challenge of relating to a partner. Like in the case of buying milk, the Complicator’s actions tend to get blocked in the phase of planning or decision-making and he often walks away frustrated, without accomplishing anything.

However, besides making life difficult for himself and sometimes for others, the Complicator has a talent to look at things from different perspectives, to discover stumbling blocks and challenges of seemingly smooth processes and to cast light on things, which others might have overlooked or have considered unimportant.

Solving some tasks and addressing certain challenges might indeed require a complex approach, nevertheless the Complicator needs to find the golden path between handling things in their complexity (and making them even more complex) and just doing it.



*What is the point you want to make? Go straight to that point.

* Prioritise before taking a decision: What’s the first priority, second priority, third priority (and so on)?



Practise simplicity.  First of all practise speaking in simple sentences. Take breaks between your sentences. Breathe. Find out what centres, relaxes and grounds you such as being out in nature, sports, meditation, breathing, practising speaking from the heart. Practise it regularly so you create a habit of grounding yourself in it when you need it.