The Pioneer

The Pioneer


“The way of the Pioneer is always rough” says Harvey S. Forestone. We say: Doesn’t have to be. It’s time for a new story about pioneering.


The Pioneer dares to go where nobody went before and paves a new path for all of us. Expanding borders and exploring new territory inside and out is her passion. She is driven by directionality, endurance, autonomy, curiosity and a strong passionate calling.

Innovation will be the outcome of her endeavours as she feels called to find and lead into new ways and expand not only her own horizon but also those of others. This is not always a simple task, because she might be the first one ever who dares to reach out where no-one has walked before. Therefore, exploring new possibilities often means making friends with patience and being ok with not being understood or supported by some or even most people. Being a Pioneer often means taking risks, leaving tradition and “it has always been that way” to move beyond normality.

The way of the Pioneer is a “trial-and-error-way”: Where nobody has been before, there are no references to refer to, and there are no others to hold on to. The only way is to try it out yourself. If you go, others can follow. This requires a lot of courage and the ability to stand alone. For the Pioneer, therefore, it seems important to create a good support network, to find a mentor, supporting team and allies. It might be helpful to find a way to reconnect with the joy of exploring whenever stepping into unknown territory.

When you pick this card, you might be called to leave the beaten track, go beyond your comfort zone, take courage and inner strength to explore brand new possibilities for your idea, for yourself, for the situation you are in.



*Which beaten track do you feel called to leave?

*What is pointing to the new path you can walk instead?



There is a way to practise leaving the beaten track on a daily basis. The beaten track is what we already know, leaving it is needed to pave a way to follow your calling. Fear is both an indicator for “what we don’t know yet” and “where a treasure lies for you”. Try an experiment and note down every day in the morning “What am I most afraid of today?”. Start right now. Each day, do one thing that you are afraid of. If that is too big (i.e. it’s about climbing a really high mountain), commit to make one step in the direction of it (start training for it, book a guided tour etc.).