The Visionary


“Whatever you can do, or dream you can do, begin it. At the moment of commitment the entire Universe will conspire to assist you.”

Johann Wolfgang v. Goethe


The Visionary is driven by a huge creative force. Everything is possible! This happens because she is deeply connected to a vision or a dream and she is able handle it with earnest and certainty. What she offers to the world is her precious dream and a way of authentic expression. The Visionary is coming from a very unique place in herself and might envision things others cannot. Her endeavour, though, is never only for herself, but a commitment to truthfulness that inevitably invokes truthfulness in others.

The Visionary is a brilliant and great dreamer and believes deeply in her vision. This can make her move through obstacles and go for what it’s important. Truly believing in her vision and cultivating being deeply connected with that vision can drive her to experience joy and flow in manifesting what she feels called for. This means first of all being truthful to herself and to others without blame or judgment. The essence of the Visionary is to envision an inspiring future and to overcome the obstacle of “this isn’t possible”, creating a guiding vision for one’s live that serves as a compass for herself and for others.

Sometimes, we find the Visionary being stuck though in only envisioning but having a hard time making it happen for various reasons. She and her vision might still have a huge impact on other people, but for some reason, there is never an outcome. Sometimes, we bury our visionary qualities under a pile of doubt and thoughts of “this is not possible…”

Picking this card shall remind you that you got validation to your vision and dreams. Who else other than you can take on leadership for it! Seriously consider your vision’s invitation to set your compass towards for it, to keep going on, bringing your unique dreams and visions to this world. You have a lot to have faith in; at the moment of commitment the entire Universe will conspire to assist you…



*What is your greatest future possibility?

*What is your most powerful and inspiring guiding vision?



Do this exercise with another person. Set 3 rounds à 5mins for each one of you. Ask each other individually “If everything is possible….what is my greatest dream?” One is listening deeply, the other goes for the question. No censorship, dream freely, get utopian, crazy or deep. Everything is possible! If you feel stuck, the listener can repeat the last thing you have said. Change over three times.