Do you sometimes have the feeling that you are stuck? In a situation, with a question, a decision, in a certain role, in a relationship or in your work?
You are longing for change, for new impulses, solutions, perspectives or just a way out, but you do not know which direction to take, which way to move forward?
Or are you just seeking some inspiration, a playful yet constructive way of setting intentions and directions for the new year?
If so, join us for this session on the 6th January in Berlin to explore ways to “get unstuck” with the help of the Take the Future in Your Hands Unsticking Game.

The Unsticking Game coaching card set is a collection of inspirational and insightful characters for moments when you seek advice, impulse or guidance whether on your own or with friends and peers.
You can use the Unsticking Game in a number of different ways for self-coaching as well as with a team. This evening you can get to know a couple of ways of using them and you can also buy a deck for yourself if you feel like continuing the journey.

The session is organised within the framework of “Wohnzimmer Events“.

For more information please visit the facebook event site.