Annette’s Story


Looking back on my journey, I experienced my personal background not very supportive in terms of developing the courage to listen and follow my calling. Ever since, I mainly didn’t have the self esteem and experienced back-and-forth dynamics in terms of trusting my talents, developing strength and do something that I really like, feel good with and what counts.
Nevertheless, I went on my journey and challenged my boundaries. The question what my vocation was had very subtly turned into big internal pressure and I often felt meaningless and
lost, left behind with a feeling of not being good enough. In that phase I also started work with project peace and experienced what it means to be a „wounded healer“ in the sense of C.G. Jung. An amazing opportunity for growth.
Now, I feel I have grown – after changing my focus and investing inner work  where those voices come from and where my internal compass of joy is pointing towards, I feel very priviledged having had so much support through participating in inspiring projects and getting the chance to work and grow with the development of project peace in the last years.
I am no longer trying to catch my life’s purpose, my call or my real work in life. I practise to be present and being playful with life’s opportunities and grow from that source and wow: it works! I feel I can acknowledge and do what I like and I do no longer feel afraid or inner pressure.
There is a whole new world unfolding in front of me. Being part of this project is like having the unique opportunity to reflect on a meta-level and synthesize experience and research and make new experiences in our amazing team!
I am deeply grateful for all the challenge and support I had so far, celebrating a new state of being that radiates out anyhow – I meet you out there on your journeys and will be happy to encounter your story!