Project Peace – oikos Lebenskunst e.V.


oikos LebensKunst e.V. focusses on non formal education for personal and global sustainability, developing a sense of initiative, and global change. The peer group are young adults and refugees or asylum seekers of all ages, base is the eco-social initiative KlosterGut Schlehdorf.

oikos has developed two active projects for young adults:
oikos Jugendakademie is both individual accompaniment for young adults in troubled transition times connected with supervised and co-created living in a mixed and inclusive group and individually designed work experiences at the eco-social project KlosterGut Schlehdorf and in local enterprises. The project seeks to create a safe and inclusive container in which individual development can unfold and important values can be transported as opposed to stigmatise young adults with their type of difficulty and support to grow beyond their boundaries.

project peace, a year long transition program for young people aged 18-24years inspiring the connection between personal development and global responsibility. The program supports personal growth and global change, facilitates to develop a sense of initiative and offers a wide range of learning environments in the field of peace, ecology and sustainability, both locally at KlosterGut Schlehdorf and in cutting edge projects worldwide.

Further, oikos creates supportive structures for locally accomodated refugees and asylum seekers in Schlehdorf. oikos role is the one of a neighbor as the given local situation and to build and foster cooperation between the local community, oikos, KlosterGut Schlehdorf and the refugees.

For this project we are collaborting with the team of project peace.

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