The Chaotic

The Chaotic


“You must have chaos within you to give birth to a star.”

Friedrich Nietzsche


The ordinary day for the Chaotic: at least a hundred unfinished things, always too late, so many things at the same time, a little confused and unfocused which creates a very unsteady atmosphere around him. What people often conclude when knowing a Chaotic better: one of the few reliable things about him is that he is usually not reliable when it comes to dates or agreements…

Nevertheless, there’s a big “wow” as well: The Chaotic is also so full of energy, really unconventional and full of unexpected ideas one wouldn’t think of! Sometimes this goes along with an unbelievable ability to sink into the moment, be really creative, a very fab guy or girl, a bit crazy, never boring and the favourite companion to explore and to waste time with. This is awesome and we would be missing out on lots if we neglected the beauty of that!

When you pick this card, welcome to the realm of the Chaotic! Maybe you recognise yourself here and got stuck.

Chaos is the territory of vast creativity and yes, sometimes we need to adjust our attitude toward chaos in the way that we may never control it. Sometimes people are just too afraid of losing control when stepping into that territory. The Chaotic somehow has the gift of a permanent connection to the realm which provides him with endless creative energy. Too much letting loose, however, is something that doesn’t work most of the time. Find out where you’re letting go too much and how chaos is productive in your life.



*Do I take myself seriously? Am I appreciating what I actually want and do?

*How is my relationship with routine? What do I think of a structured lifestyle (really, be honest)? What prejudices do I have / what do I find boring?

*Where am I in the lead of my situations, where am I reacting much more than being proactive?



Ask someone you feel safe with to do this listening-and-feedback-exercise with you. This person is asking and listening to your reflections on the following questions (or some of the above ones): What is hindering me from going step by step? What am I afraid to lose when I start being more structured, reliable and steady? Where does my chaos serve me (i.e. where is it contributing freshness, creativity, new solutions, great atmosphere)? Where can I make responsible use of my permanent line to the realm of creativity?

When you’re finished ask this person for feedback what she has heard and what came up whilst listening. Let the feedback sink in, just listen, no replies or justifications. Boil your reflections down to some essential and simple sentences.

If there is nobody around, ask yourself these questions and record them e.g. with your phone. Play it back and condense your reflections down to some essential and simple sentences.