The Servant

The Servant


“Service which is rendered without joy helps neither the servant nor the served.”

Mahatma Gandhi


More than anything, the Servant is humble. He does not show-off, nor does he fancy being the star in the spotlight. Instead, he cultivates the ability to surrender his own needs, moods and ego to a higher cause. He has sharp instincts of what is necessary and essential on a practical level and a deep empathy of what is needed emotionally. Sensing this, he serves the balance of a space, project or relationship. When he does this, he is neither proud, nor lazy and sometimes he does it so discreetly that he runs the risk of his  contribution remaining unseen.

The Servant, carried to excess, however, might lead to frustration, jealousy or resentment. If he crosses the thin line of true, voluntary willingness to give, he enters the vicious circle of thoughts such as “They never appreciate my efforts”, “It’s always me who is doing the invidious tasks”, “Now they receive the awards and have fun, while I am responsible for….”. In his heart, the desire to humbly contribute turns into a growing archive of dissatisfaction and malevolence. However, it is not necessarily the external conditions that are to blame, mostly it is the result of the Servant not listening to his inner voice warning him: “Stop serving now! You also have needs! Share them and nourish them!”

When you pick this card, it invites you to serve a higher cause, wholeheartedly. You are called to offer your service to a project or a cause that goes beyond your personal satisfaction and success. Serve by sharing your creativity, generosity, your humbleness or your clear vision, your courage or your patience. No more hiding, it’s time to offer your gifts to the world.

True serving arises out of an internally rich feeling of abundance – not out of obligation. In case you cannot give honest service, listen to how you can nourish yourself first.



* Which higher cause is calling you into service?

* How do you feel while serving?

* Have you experienced serving too much, and feeling dissatisfied afterwards? If so: How can you nourish yourself in order to find the strength again to serve, but while feeling more balanced?



Choose a contribution you would like to give wholeheartedly in order to serve your project / education / job / relationship. Choose something that is inspiring to you, makes your heart cheer and from which you can learn. Be very clear of what YOU get out of your openness to serve. Every time, before jumping into service, take a deep breath. Ask yourself whether you can honestly say “Yes” to the task you are offered, and know that it is your choice to commit.