The Activist

The Activist

“The heart that breaks open can contain the whole universe ”

Joanna Macy

The Activist has a strong sense of justice. He is moved by what is going on in the world and is ready to take action to address the issues he finds important. He has high moral standards concerning the topics he cares about and a clearly defined set of values, even if they are not spoken out loud. Oppression and injustice fuel his rage. In triggering situations, the Activist is often overtaken by anger and despair. These emotions can be a powerful drive. However, when unconscious and unreflected, they tend to become (self)destructive and a source of conflict with people around him. The Activist does not understand how others can simply pass by the important social and environmental issues he cares so much about, how they can be so blind, indifferent, insensitive.

The full potential of the Activist lies in standing for and protecting something sacred – may it be human lives and dignity, a landscape, non-human creatures or the diversity and flourishing of life. It is being the voice of those who cannot speak up, a tiny part of the immune system of the Earth. The Activist comes into his full power when acting from a deeper source, with the consciousness of being part of something much bigger than him. He recognises how small he is in this big universe, how little a part he has on the vast stage of the timeless theatre piece of life. At the same time he is aware that no matter how small a creature, how unimportant it seems to be, it plays an important role, can make a difference and is part of the evolution of life on Earth.

If you pick the card of the Activist, you are encouraged to realise the paradox beauty of the path of the Activist: taking a stand, speaking up, acting on behalf of something bigger than him with humility and with knowing at the same time both how small and important he is.

Take a step back and reflect on the things you stand for, the values that lie behind your commitment and on your personal connection to the topics you are passionate about. Ask yourself very honestly: what is your real motivation? Taking a stand for an issue and fiercely fighting for it is often rooted in personal wounds and life stories. It might not mirror an agenda of self-interest directly, but, for example, fighting against oppressive social structures and injustice can also be an expression of longing for acceptance and appreciation of yourself. There is nothing wrong with that. In this way you can be authentic and your personal motivation is a strong driving force. What is important is to be conscious about it, and entangle the threads of your personal story and the nature of the issue to stand for.



*What do you stand for?

*Which values do these topics mirror?



Take an issue, which you are passionate about in the world. An issue, a challenge and problem, which triggers you, which makes you angry, which you can stand up and fight for or against. Examine this issue and your connection with it. When was the first time you heard about it? What was your reaction? What are the personal stories and motivation this issue touches? What are your wounds connected to it?

How can you relate to this issue from the perspective of being part of something bigger? In which way can you take a stand? How would you express yourself?