The Rebel

The Rebel


“With Rebellion, Awareness is born.”

Albert Camus


Rebellion often functions as the first step on the path of clearly defining and expressing ourselves, in the sense of “what/who we are not” and what we are against. Being against something, whether it be the rules of our parents, social norms and structures, hierarchies, oppression, gender roles or the system in general, is a part of forming our worldview and values. It is the awakening of our critical thinking, it is the first time we really take a stand.

The Rebel is our inner teenager – no matter in which phase of our life she awakens. We might rebel when we are twelve or sixteen, during our twenties or in our later lives. The Rebel says no, refuses to subject herself to rules and morals. She disrupts, she shows her middle finger, she raises her fist in the air.

The energy of the Rebel can be of service when setting borders and taking a stand in issues of social and ecological justice. Saying no, protesting, rising up against oppression, injustice and violence are ways of acknowledging our responsibility, exercising empathy and expressing solidarity. The Rebel can unite people, bring together individuals of seemingly separate interests. Being together against something, raising our voices together, and marching on the streets can be exhilarating and give us a sense of community and shared purpose. However, things start to become difficult when we try to formulate together and get into discussion about what we stand for.

This is where the Rebel tends to get stuck. She knows what she is against, expresses that she does not like the system. The challenge she is facing is to clarify and express what she stands for, what she believes in, what steps she will take to create something better. This is the threshold towards authentic adulthood: acknowledging the responsibility for creating a world she would like to live in, take constructive actions, walk her talk and live life according to her values.



*What are your acts of rebellion?

*What are you against?

*What do you stand for?



Collect a few things around you which really piss you off. Some social norms, defects of the system, or any issue, which you are clearly against.

Which values drive your urge to standing against things?

What could be better? How could you take a stand for something in a way which addresses these issues in a constructive way?

What steps can you take, which forms of constructive action can you engage in?