The Strategist

The Strategist


“Strategy is just a fancy word for making up a long-term plan and putting it into action.”

Ellie Pidot


There is a vision and a goal to reach and the Strategist is your man for this mission. Even if it seems to be too complex or too complicated, the Strategist will find a way to plan it, to find an appropriate strategy and set his will and compass to accomplish.

The Strategist’s gift is directionality, focus, milestone setting, structuring a task and considering which steps to take. He is creating alive and dynamic structures so that a vision can be manifested.

When you pick this card you might need more of that quality. Maybe you have a great vision or a great idea or something that needs to get done but you don’t really know how.

Maybe you are doing many things at the same time and none of them really to the end or thoroughly. Maybe you are very creative but stay in the state of dreaming and don’t know how to step on from that.

Wherever you are at, trusting in life is essential, and where the magic happens. Getting things off ground needs just a few more skills, especially taking decisions and setting milestones. This is the time to activate your inner Strategist or to find someone with such skills to support you. A Strategist respects that structures serve a goal but are NOT the goal itself. The Strategist has his focus set on always doing the next possible step and has a plan or sometimes just a notion of how to step on from there. He is thinking through scenarios that might occur and set up plans for them. A little bit like driving a car proactively and with foresight, the Strategist can estimate a situation and act accordingly and appropriately.



*In order to reach your goal: What do you need to change in your daily rhythm?

*Which are the stumbling stones between where you stand and the goal you want to reach? What steps are next to take? Prioritise.



Backcast from the goal you wish to achieve. Take a piece of paper and write down a goal you want to achieve on the left-hand side of the paper (might be something like getting up 7am every morning or manifesting that amazing project idea you have). Define four milestones D C B A marking them on the paper moving toward the right side. Now ask yourself the question: In order to achieve that goal, what do I have to do? The first answer is your milestone D. Ask yourself again with D: In order to achieve D what do I have to do… and continue until step A. Maybe it needs adjustment in the right order. Once you’ve done that, make yourself a timetable and define a deadline when you would like to achieve your goal. Continue to think through how the timing needs to fit with steps D-A and make a timeline for that project. When you have done that, congratulations! As plans can also feel very satisfying by their own don’t forget to start doing what you want to do!