Réka’s Story

“There is only one life
you can call your own.
And a thousand others
you can call by any name you want.”
(David Whyte)

“It has been more than three years now that the question “So what do you do? Do you work or do you study?” has been driving me a little crazy. Even before, during my university years I was not really satisfied with the answer “I study liberal arts with media and communication specialization and Dutch minor”, so I immediately added: “but I do a lot of other things besides: I am volunteering in NGOs, organizing youth projects, coordinating an environmental working group…” Desperately trying to explain that I do not consider myself only a student (even though that has been my main occupation for a while) but I am doing many different things and my identity is not shaped only by an institutional framework (which I felt more and more critical about). After I graduated with a bachelor degree and with great disappointment in the higher educational system, replying to this question has become quite tricky. I have been living on a farm for a while, milked goats and went for long forest walks, kept on organizing projects about sustainability, community building and arts, co-founded an NGO and tried living as green and low-cost as possible. This was followed by three dream-like months in a folk high school in Denmark where I spent my time carefree dancing, painting and cooking, and then moved to Berlin with my partner.

So who am I? What am I? Ever since these questions are undefined and each day I could give a different answer: I organize projects, I write novels, I am a dancer, I am a designer, a painter, an artist, a facilitator, a storyteller, a trainer, a dreamer, planner, doer and celebrator… Usually I pick one or two answers from this list and try to present it in a convincing way. This is usually followed by raised eyebrows and doubtful questions of “But what is your profession really? How do you make a living out of all these?” Good questions. I am constantly working on finding answers but haven’t arrived to a fixed conclusion yet. But somehow my life seems to work out.

My story is a journey of constant challenges, of honesty, of dreams coming true, of trials and errors. A journey outside of boxes and beyond labels, a journey of coming of age in a challenging time of global transition. It is a story of a young woman living into the Great Turning and the New Story of humanity.”

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