Roberto’s Story


After studying international relationships in Italy and abroad I decided to experience working in Europe and in Asia. I ever since developed an holistic approach to life, cultivating both my passions for dance, music and performing art as well as my professional life. Once I got back to Italy I started working in the cooperative field in a umbrella organization of enterprises where I worked in many different areas such as start-up, finance, innovation, fund raising, social responsibility and accounting, international development projects and commerce, developing practical skills in management.

I then engaged in a start-up as the managing director of a consortium of wineries for three years. Thanks to this experience I learnt what means to have responsibility of an enterprise and I had to face many challenges both on the entrepreneurial side and on the personal point of view such as stress management.

I developed my relationship to nature thanks to several wwoofing experiences in Italy, Switzerland, Ireland and Spain. Simultaneously I came across the idea of eco-communities and resilient type of lifestyle visiting some of these realities in Portugal and Italy. Thanks to these experiences I understood the importance of being connected to nature and to create patterns in my life that repeated the abundance of nature itself and in respect with it.

I did my step towards this type of life by moving from town to the countryside in a little community in the hills of Romagna, in Italy. Here I take care of bees and I have the opportunity to cultivate veggies, harvest wild plants and fruits and at the same time I can experience the enriching and challenging life of an intentional community with other people.

I always experienced voluntary service in my life. While studying, I participated to the foundation of a local organization promoting democratic “alphabetization” in schools through non formal education and promoting Italian classes for foreigners, mostly refugees. This experience was very important for me because it showed me the importance of talking to kids and facilitate the development of their personal ideas on issues such as respect, peace and freedom. As well, teaching Italian to such different people coming from all over the world with such different stories, most of them of harm and pain, was a lighthouse of consciousness for me and bit by bit helped me to create my belief that borders are totally artificial and that the fact that the place where you are born affects the possibilities you have in life is totally unfair.

I now participate to the Paradiso Ritrovato, an association promoting the culture of change making and resilience through courses on permaculture, wild life and community living.

I am currently witnessing and living my own personal change which is exciting and scaring at the same time. What I’m looking for is a different pattern of living where my passions are the drivers of my everyday work. While searching for my real self I make peace with every single bit of me, growing into a bigger respect of my believes, wisdoms and values.

My goal is to ask myself every day wether I’m satisfied of what I’m doing and to give a positive and happy answer.