Things are as they are. Looking out into the Universe at night we make no comparison between right or wrong stars, nor between well or badly arranged constellations.”

Alan Watts


Existence invites us to reconnect with the bare-bone level of everything. The level of being, of existing. The level of what IS.

It is the the hub of the wheel, the wick of the candle – where everything is still, motionless under the surface of constant movement, flow and change. There lies an eternal silence behind all the noise, chattering, singing and bubbling of everyday life.

Underneath all becoming, doing, making or shaping, there is something that connects you deeply with a fundamental truth. The truth of the present moment, of what is, right now, right here.

There is a strong and rightful level of reality where we analyse, make stories or make concepts or constructs of our feelings, our lives, our work. This is important, though we tend to stray from presence and disconnect. We tend to judge what has gone right or wrong and forget that things just are. It might feel good or bad to us but that is, fundamentally, only the story that we create ourselves.

Our calendars tend to get busy. It is indeed great to get things done. Just don’t get lost in ceaseless doing. When you pick this card you are called to pause for a moment and shift the level from mind to presence.



*What IS right now for you?  What is present in you? What do you feel?



Look up in the sky, take a deep breath. You are here, the only now you have. The present moment. You are held in the vastness of this universe and on this planet. You are mysteriously a part of all that. The present moment is all there is. Mighty and humble at the same time. Just be. Relax. You don’t need to do anything right now.

Say thank you to what is and for a short moment, try to be at peace with your disapproval of what you think is wrong or what upsets you. Just be with the feeling that makes you upset or is uncomfortable. Feel it to the end. Surrender to how it moves in your body. You are held and safe.