The Adventurer

The Adventurer


“The big question is whether you are going to say a hearty yes to your adventure.”

Joseph Campbell


You might know this feeling very well: there is a desire for adventure within you. Setting out on one like a journey, or to take life itself as an unexpected adventure full of possibilities.

The Adventurer is daring to take risks, challenge her boundaries, is full of curiosity for life and what is “out there”. She has set her inner compass on the joy of exploring and is nourished by the thrill of stepping out of her comfort zone and into the unknown. It doesn’t mean she doesn’t feel fear or discouragement, but she uses the dose of adrenaline and anger in her body productively to gain presence, clarity, creativity and willfulness. The Adventurer has a positive attitude towards learning and is constantly willing to do so to expand capacities that assist her in handling her adventure’s process. And most of all, she says a big hearty YES to her present moment, her adventure and life.

When you pick this card you might be hesitating at some level to gift yourself this YES.

There might be a little bit too much hesitation that keeps you away from this quality in yourself, that already is an Adventurer. Maybe you don’t expect much of what your life can offer and have chosen to live your adventures and dreams in movies, stories, online and in games.



*What inner pictures of Adventurers do you have? What are the qualities (heroic, irresponsible, cool…)? How do you relate to these qualities?

*Where is life offering an adventure to you? What is holding you back?



Get to know your inner Adventurer. Notice where you currently have a difficult time stepping out of your comfort zone and taking on a challenge. Say yes and make a step. Just try for a little while to face this challenge. What can you do? What does it take? Try to stay a little longer than your potential awkward feeling, nervousness or anxiety lasts. Then go back and see how it made you feel. Repeat it: identify a challenge, say yes and step. Experience how yourself and your inner Adventurer act, feel and what she likes.