The Artist

The Artist


“Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist when we grow up.”

Pablo Picasso


Unique and innovative, the Artist’s true home is the realm of non-linear thought, of immense imagination, of play and beauty, of nonconformity.

The gift of the Artist is her particular way of perceiving the world, inside and out. The nuance of a luscious shade of blue, the way a melody can sound, the unique and momentary interplay of a dancing person and the sea…

The Artist in that sense is an innovator she thrives on her ability to see things uniquely and differently. In order to do so, she first needs to acknowledge her particular perspective, then own, cultivate and nourish it.

Ultimately, the quality of the Artist is about taking a different perspective and answering challenges in creative, playful and unconventional ways. Her imagination, interventions and offerings invite us to experience the world differently and can unleash a lot more creativity in ourselves. The Artist’s best nourishment is knowing what makes her creative juices flow and what inspires her.

When you pick this card you are invited to cultivate your Artist’s quality or consult your Artist’s force to bring a situation forward.



*How can you approach a challenge you are currently facing in an unconventional way?

*What helps your creative juices to flow?



Set three hours on a particular day each week and arrange for an “artist date”. This is “playtime” for you and your inner Artist. You are invited to spend this time only with things you like, get inspired by, things you dare not to do, you are curious about or you can just hang out. You can also engage in dialogue and ask your Artist what she really likes. There is no judgement needed during the date as it’s time dedicated to only play around and not to accomplish. Be certain about this date and keep it fixed in your agenda. After four weeks, retrace how you felt and what you now know about what nurtures you.