The Butterfly

The Butterfly


“There are only two options regarding commitment: you are either in or you are either out. There is no such thing as life in-between.”

Pat Riley


“I keep all options open to remain free” is the motto of the Butterfly. That’s true – as it is also true that, in this way, no goal will ever be reached.

Doing a little bit here, doing a little bit there, the Butterfly is more of a leaf in the wind than a rock in the sea. Accepting whatever comes and going with the flow is a beautiful and important quality – and something important to learn for people who tend to be inflexible. Those who have a tough time letting go, the Butterfly takes by the hand and invites to a flowing dance.

However, commitment, decision-making and willpower are qualities the Butterfly tends to forget about. Instead, he invites positive and sometimes naive thinking: “Everything’s gonna be alright, it will all work out and it’s all fine…” This is surely a great quality and yet, to some extent, giving away responsibility and an opportunity for a proactive, co-creating direction in life.

What seems to be so beautiful about leaving all paths open? The apparent freedom that lies within? But is it freedom really? Or is it avoiding taking a stand and being a curator of your life. Freedom doesn’t come from not taking decisions – sometimes it comes from saying a clear “yes” and a clear “no”. And it needs clear “nos” to be able to say “yes”. In fact, saying “no” means saying “yes” to something that matters more.

What is it that truly matters for you? Clarifying what you want to reach, really committing to something, is creating direction in your life and setting sail accordingly. Sailing this way, fuelled by the strength set free by your decision, is what it often takes if you really want to reach a certain goal. No matter whether there’s sunshine or heavy rainfall.



*Take some time to ask yourself this question: What is it that truly matters to you right now? What do you want to achieve deep down in your heart? Clarify it as concretely as possible and put it in a simple and clear sentence of “ I want….” (i.e. I want to finish my work today and therefore I cancel meetings or say no if friends are calling up to meet)



Dare to commit. Think about one aspect where you leave too many doors open. Chose one path, take responsibility for it and go for it. Create a threshold to manifest and celebrate this step. A threshold can be: spend some time alone in nature to set this intention as a landmark in your life; jump over a river to manifest that now you are doing your best to wholeheartedly walk this way; make a contract with yourself and hang it up somewhere you can see it throughout your day.