The Cynic

The Cynic


“Inside every cynical person there is a disappointed idealist”



The Cynic has an ironic half-smile on her face and “enriches” conversations with mean comments. She gives the impression of superiority, of someone who actually knows better. She comments, criticises or just simply stands around with a disdaining facial expression. However, when it comes to constructive contributions or getting things done, she is not someone to count on. It won’t work out anyway, why even try?

The Cynic can clearly see what others are doing wrong, where and how mistakes were made, and how the system is collapsing, but does not recognise and take responsibility to make things better. Her path is of resignation and sometimes even very cutting humour. By doing so, she closes her heart, and stops believing in dreams, visions and possibilities.

If you have picked the card of the Cynic, you are invited to investigate the source of your cynicism. You might be frustrated about some issues, which you comment and criticise. The card of the Cynic invites you to deeply acknowledge this frustration. What needs of yours are not addressed and met? Accepting and stating that you are frustrated and acknowledging its roots means taking responsibility for your feelings, rather than blaming and sneering at others. And acting wholeheartedly to meet these needs is much more constructive and fun than  pseudo-funny cynical comments.




*In which areas of life do you feel that things are not going the right way? Which are the areas that could be improved?

*How could you cross the threshold of only criticising and take constructive actions? How could you step into your power and take responsibility?



In order to step into responsibility we need to know what for and why. What do you wish for? Reconnect with what is dear to you and what you (once) longed for and dreamed about. Take an hour and two pieces of paper and write very boldly on the top of one, “I HAVE A DREAM”, and on top of the other, “THIS IS WHY I DON’T BELIEVE IN IT”.

Reconnect with the dream that lies behind the situation you currently feel stuck with. What is the bigger picture, the images and dreams you are following? (If nothing comes up, you can also connect to a dream you had as child or as a teenager, or you can flip through an old diary…) What inspires/inspired you? Write it on the paper, let yourself be guided by this stream and collect as many traces as you can find of the wishes, dreams and hopes. Whenever an inner voice is coming up telling you this is ridiculous or doesn’t work, make a note on the second sheet.

When the time is up, first look through the dream section and see how it feels to read your dreams. Write it on the paper. Then turn to the second sheet and see how you feel when you read it. Ask yourself the question: Do you want to take back on board what is dear to you? Good news: You now know the reasons and voices of why you shouldn’t. Go find out why you should, by trying to take yourself and your dreams seriously.