The Doubter

The Doubter


“Doubt the Doubter”



“Should I really do this? Is it really really the right thing? Am I really the right person for that?” No matter how good an opportunity is – the Doubter still finds something to consider before actually going for it. Doubting about the right decision, the right time, the right team, and also about himself, the Doubter can never totally commit to something. The good side of it is that he really wants to do well – the Doubter doesn’t want to take a decision which he might regret afterwards. Taking all possible outcomes into consideration, double-checking under the carpet, reading through all the fine print and turning each coin up and down: The Doubter doesn’t have an easy job. Contrary to the Fool, he is contemplating a lot about how the future might be. By doing so, he uninvites trust and optimism. Rather, he expects the worst. When taking one decision, as soon as possible, he tries to make it untaken. The Doubter is therefore not an excellent leader, so be aware of who (inside yourself) you give the position of leadership to. The Doubter or maybe rather someone who can handle the Doubter and still stay focussed on what you would like to accomplish?

If you got stuck on the Doubter’s path, you might need to fight through the swamp of self-sabotage. Jumping into the unknown might indeed seem scary and confusing, however, doubting the path might not help you to find your way in the labyrinth. Standing on the edge of the swimming pool for hours and contemplating whether to jump or not is not likely to bring you any further. Doubting the decision while falling even less. How about looking at the unknown as a new adventure instead? Of course you were not given a map or a set of instructions to this journey but if you stop and silence your roaming thoughts for a moment and listen to what is there, behind this thick layer of doubts, you might slowly find your inner compass, which will guide you along the way.



*Where in your life are you doubting too much? Make a note that this might be the place where you sabotage yourself the most.

*Imagine one aspect you don’t dare implement due to your doubts. What could be the worst thing that might happen? If this would happen, what would then occur?



It is time to challenge your doubts by the most powerful weapon you have: dreaming and envisioning. Take the last question above and reverse your direction of thought: When you allow yourself to do/implement this, how would it be, how would it feel, what would it look like? Make a deal with yourself and notice when you are doubting or having thoughts of “..hmm, not sure if that would work etc.” Put them away for some time. Either record this dream with an audio recorder or take a big sheet of paper and write, draw or paint how this would be when you fully allow it. No censorship! Ask these parts of yourself to park themselves for a while. And now be very strict: you are thinking of doing this exercise tomorrow, later, maybe not…? Not sure if this works? Start right here: give it a try, just start, nothing can happen other than having a new experience. You have everything you need for this inside yourself.