The Dreamer

The Dreamer


“If you can dream it, you can do it.”

Walt Disney


I have a dream” can be a very powerful statement, as history has taught us. Martin Luther King has allowed thousands of people to dare to imagine something far beyond normality. This is the power of dreams, and the gift of the dreamer.

However, dreams only become powerful if put into action. Martin Luther King’s dream was powerful not just because it was a dream, but because it was articulated into a clear vision and brave, wholehearted steps were taken to move in that direction. The Dreamer, however, remains dreaming. Imagining about how the world and his life could be, what he could do and be; the Dreamer can spend a lifetime dreaming without ever actually acting upon it.

Daring to dream is a wonderful quality, especially in a society which allows dreaming only for children and where visions become economic goals to fulfill quickly and easily. So if the Dreamer is accompanied by strong doers, his quality very much enhances a team. But, especially when left alone, stepping into action seems almost impossible to him.

Whenever the Dreamer sets sails to manifest a dream, a new idea pops up which he is longing to elaborate on deeply before moving any step further. In the end, the dreams are so big, that starting to manifest them seems to become impossible: Every step he could take would be too small compared to his dream – how to possibly begin? The dream is so big that he just doesn’t know where to start.

This is a beautiful way to sabotage yourself. If today, the Dreamer is the card you have picked, maybe it is time for you to wake up and start acting.



*What is a dream of yours – and what would be a feasible step to realise it?

*In which areas of your life to you tend to dream big and act less?



Prototyping is a about translating a dream, an idea into a doable first-step model of this dream. It is not meant for the big dream already perfectly alive. It focuses on the first steps needed to bring your dream to reality. You basically repeat by always taking the next possible step(s).

Reconnect to your dream and its essence: What steps can you take NOW with what you already have. Write them down. Then start with the first baby step you can do NOW to bring it into action (this could be: Making a phonecall, offering a teaser of your vision, inviting friends to support you in planning it). Do it now, try it out.