The Epicurean

The Epicurean


Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask yourself what makes you feel alive and then go do that.”

Howard Thurman


North on  the Epicurean’s compass is set to joy, pleasure and fun. She is determined to walk the golden path in life where work, life and joy are aligned in a thriving, purposeful way.

She engages in projects based on her passions and interests, she seeks fulfilment, satisfaction and well-deserved rewards and gains pleasure and even deeper joy in sticking to this way. To her it matters what she likes and what she is passionate about, not what she feels obliged to do. A remarkable quality of her is that she doesn’t care about what others think about her and what she is doing as long as she feels good about it and enjoys life.

She fancies artful living, loves to enjoy a classy glass of wine, exquisite cuisine, going to concerts, dancing, flirting… but all in a modest way. She really knows how to celebrate and is never tired to invite other people in. It’s her true nature to take work and life in a joyful way and to savour the pleasure of the moment. This doesn’t contradict that she can work hard.  Moreover, through knowing and doing what she loves, she has a very unique and inspiring impact and is fuelled and energised from deep down.

The Epicurean, despite all this, can seem to be capricious and sometimes unreliable to others. When the work or project she has engaged in gets boring, tiring, overwhelming or wearisome, she leaves it. She sees absolutely no reason to continue with something which is not fulfilling or satisfying to her. This can be tricky at times and easily misinterpreted as egoism or self-indulgence. The Epicurean has to make sure to conciliate and make an effort to value and really understand other people’s needs as well.

When you pick this card you are invited to let more of the Epicurean’s energy come alive in your veins. She reminds you that you are on a journey where joy is an important and even essential indicator. Go and connect with your sense of joy!



*What are the things you really enjoy in life?

*What would happen if they were your guiding compass?



Invite your deepest joy. You can either sit still or go out on a 20-minute walk. Make sure you feel centred and say to yourself “I invite my deepest joy now.” Shift from mind to open presence and let it come to you. You might also connect to your heart when you feel this is helpful. Connect yourself fully with the feeling of your deepest joy, let it go all over your body. Ask yourself how it is related to what you are headed to, what you are doing at the moment. How can your deepest joy become your companion, your direction? What do you need to take on leadership to live and share this joy through what you do?

When you have friends or trusted people around, you might find it helpful to be guided through this exercise so you can fully dive into what your deepest joy is about.