The Fool

The Fool

“If I cannot know how the future will be, I expect the best”“

Unknown Fool


Against all past experiences and advice, the Fool just keeps on believing in the good. Even if others might say that it is naive: The Fool knows that believing in the good is the key to success. Equipped with a tremendous amount of trust, the he sees every moment with new, fresh eyes. Truly open to what is and what comes, the Fool doesn’t let himself be let down by fears, skepticism or past experiences. Rather, he remains trustful. Remaining in trust, despite all one’s experiences, is a grace. This helps to give every moment, and every conflict the chance to unfold in unexpected, beautiful ways. When we let ourselves to be led by our fears and experiences rather than by trust, we diminish the choice of possibilities, and hinder the best things to happen.

Trusting in every moment to unfold in a new, unexpected and beautiful way is the gift of the Fool. “If I cannot know how the future will be, I expect the best” is his motto. And we can never know what the future will bring us. So why expect the worst? Why not anticipating the best of all possibilities, inviting the highest potential to unfold? By walking the Fool’s way, we anticipate every moment and the future with curiosity, joy and a peaceful heart. And therefore we accept that life surprises us with abundance.

The Fool dares greatly, and doesn’t mind when he trumbles. Failure is a wonderful opportunity to learn. Keeping this in mind, jumping into the unknown becomes a beautiful adventure.

Besides trust, it is sovereignty which supports the navigation through life in the style of the Fool. Not caring what other people think and say about you enables you to deeply listen to and follow your own heart. The Fool laughs about societal conventions – and puts authenticity above acceptance.



*In which way do you stop yourself from walking your authentic way because you think others might consider you as foolish? What would happen if you did it anyway?

*Which step into the unknown would you take if you were full of trust?



#1: Think about a problem you are currently facing. What would the Fool say to this problem? How would you face this problem if you weren’t held back/discouraged by past experiences? How would you relate to this problem from a place of deep trust? How could you face this problem in a playful way?

#2: Go out and play being a Fool for an hour (on your way to work/school/when going from A to B take some more time for your journey), let yourself be amazed by the colours and sounds, smell flowers, do what you usually don’t do, ask people questions, hang upside down, walk backwards, give random compliments, etc.Try to let go of the “what do people think?” question and the fear of being judged. If going out is too scary, start in your own room. Put a sock on your head, or paint your nose red… You will be astounded what is coming out! Savour this time and free yourself from analysing or judging.