The Higher Self

The Higher Self


“When you contact your higher self, the source of power within, you tap into a reservoir of infinite power.”

Deepak Chopra


Your Higher Self is your inner Guidance. Always there, never loud or proud, yet a precise inner compass that shows you the direction of your soul’s most profound yearnings and learnings.

Whenever you feel magnetically drawn towards a certain experience or person: listen inside. If you receive a sudden flash of inspiration, a vision or a project that transcends everything you ever thought of being possible for you: listen inside. Whenever you experience yourself walking the path of enthusiasm, bliss, fulfillment, joy, ecstasy, deep gratitude – follow this track!

This is YOUR track!

Your Higher Self recognises the people who inspire you to grow and unfold your full potential. It will also warn you not to get trapped in relationships that steal your energy. You know them! Are you surrounded by friends that remind you of your incredibly beautiful, unique being, or do you find yourself being with people who plant seeds of self-doubt, negativity, jealousy, or small thinking in you? You choose who you are with – and thus, you choose which plants will grow within you.

If you find yourself in a phase in your life, where you don’t know how to proceed and what to do, the Higher Self knows. At times it might be more convenient to pretend not to know. Or it simply requires time and silence to perceive the answer. So: stop chewing over it and go into silence. Seek connection to your Higher Self, your clear-sighted intuition and the sources of wisdom within you.



*What or who allows you to grow into the direction of your heart calling?

*What tasks / relationships / projects keep you busy, worried and small?



Go into nature. Take two hours to be still and alone with yourself. Take two questions with you on the walk: What / who allows you to shine and unfold your full beauty and potential? What / who do you need to get distance from in order for you to flourish? When you walk in nature, don’t chew over or think about these questions. Go out there with a very wide, open mind, receptive, yet not searching for answers. Like a fertile soil, be ready to listen and let the answers land gently within you.