The Leader

The Leader


“The role of a creative leader is not to have all the ideas; it’s to create a culture where everyone can have ideas and feel that they’re valued.“

Ken Robinson


Of all the kinds of leadership, we’re talking about empathic and conscious leadership.

If the Leader has a clear vision that goes beyond his personal riches and success, he is at the same time a servant to a higher cause. He is ready to take responsibility, risks and is transparent with his goals. It almost seems as if an unexpected inspiration or an intense urge to act and change certain circumstances have landed in the heart of the leader – inviting him, or sometimes even forcing him, to realise this mission.

Being a good Leader is not about making others do what you want. It is not even about directing and instructing others. It is rather about setting a clear focus and a guiding vision, which can synchronise and synthesise the collective efforts. The Leader is able to empower his team, support its members in unfolding their gifts and utilising their talents to serve the common cause.

If you have picked this card it’s the moment to hear your call to step into leadership.

When you feel the fire burning within you, calling you to realise an inner vision or stand up for your beliefs or calling you to give a crucial contribution to a situation and support others in their empowerment – now is the moment to take a clear position. No more hiding, no more resisting your own power! Instead, take the courage to make yourself seen and heard – and cultivate your ability to define your intention. Aim at your goals with the concentration of an archer aiming his arrow.

It is not necessarily other people following your instructions that makes you a leader – be your own Leader first: The Leader within you has the clarity to see the bigger picture and manifests it by focusing on what’s essential with an attitude of self-dignity.

However, if you are used to being the Leader in projects and groups, if you tend to get fixed in this role, you might want to experiment with letting a tiny bit of control go and empower others to discover their leadership skills while you lean back and cultivate confidence and trust. How does that sound?



*Which people do you admire for their capability to lead? How do they lead?

*In your project or job, what do you need to feel empowered to step into leadership?

*If you are going to be a leader, could you as well see yourself as a humble servant to a higher cause? How could you best serve within your project/job/relationship?



Choose one area in your life where you practise leadership. You might initiate a trip to the mountains with your friends, coordinate an inspiring project, organise a social event, anything that is neither too overwhelming, nor too easy for you to put into practise.

What matters is that you start cultivating leadership skills: Initiative. Responsibility. Express your vision and take a position. Seeing the bigger picture and focus on the next concrete steps. Clear communication with your team. Stay open to the process and the involvement of others. Creativity. Endurance. Take decisions. Even though it might be a challenge: Finish it well. Bring it to an ending that you can call a good one.