The Lone Wolf

The Lone Wolf


“I did it my way…”

Frank Sinatra


Think of the lone cowboy, sitting at the bonfire underneath billions of stars. All alone in the midst of the prairie, loyally accompanied by his horse. That’s how he finds satisfaction in life: No disturbances, no superficial small-talk, no compromise. He takes his own decisions on which direction to ride in which speed and trusts in his own sense of orientation.

Needing or depending on somebody else is a no-go for him. It is fulfilling for him to be all by himself, often in nature, however in the stillness of the night the desire to emotionally engage with others and feeling a sense of belonging emerges.

If you have picked this card, ask yourself whether you can honestly trust others. Is there a desire to be more of a team player, and to find more satisfaction in collaboration?

Do you trust, that you can be part of a group and still express your individuality?

Are you too shy to go up to somebody who fascinates you? Be aware that you might keep yourself from happiness and inspiration if you pretend to be untouchable. Truly meeting others does not mean being interested in small-talk. Maybe you need a certain depth in the conversation with others, otherwise you feel utterly bored and unsatisfied. Be authentic with what you  are actually interested in, no need to pretend. However, if a certain envy arises and you wished to be part of the game, instead of the cool outsider – jump over your coolness, and get yourself involved.



*Who can you trust?

*Is it truly your instinct and authenticity that makes you very picky with people? Or are you shy, hesitant, doubtful as to whether they would want you in their group?



Which group or individuals are you fascinated by or interested in? Dare yourself to get in touch with them. Seek authentic and deep, honest communication with them. Within your team, choose one person that you feel comfortable with, and practise collaboration. See which facets of co-creation you do enjoy and realise which parts of it are boring for you; which facets challenge you in your need for freedom and independence? In your team / job / project, in which position could you put yourself where you can live your Lone Wolf, and at the same time give your Wolf the chance to be in the midst of his pack – he might need both to be happy… Do you hear the Wolf howling?