The Magician

The Magician


“Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it.”

Roald Dahl


When you pick this card there might be an opportunity in your life now to reconnect to your dreams, your visions or ideas and start manifesting them, to go forth. Maybe there is a new cycle beginning in your work or your life, maybe there is a difficult situation that has gotten into a dead end road. The Magician stands for being able to open the doors between the realm of visions and dreams and the physical reality plane and ignite a spark of a new start of some sort.

Now is the time for beginning projects, taking a stand, affirming an idea you believe in. You may feel goal-directed now, with a sense of purpose and self-motivation. You have a strong desire to do something creative or active, to get what you want.

If you want to manifest something worthwhile, you will have to visualise your goal and then work toward it without getting distracted.

In the arts of healing and magic, intention is everything. What you see is what you get, so hold the goal in view and get to work. All good ideas need a channel to bring them down to earth, to make them real on the physical plane. Otherwise, they simply fade away into the realm of ideas, unmanifested. With the Magician on your side you should be able to accomplish whatever you set out to do.



*What is your intention concerning the project/dream/idea you are about to start?

*How could you state or clarify that intention as much as possible?



Practise intentional living and working. Clarify your intention of the day, of a particular moment, of a project etc. Set the intention and hold it in your awareness like an arrow you shoot and want to recollect at a certain point. This is called alignment. Observe how this influences what the outcome is.