The Manifestor

The Manifestor


“Energy flows where intention goes.”

Taneo Sands Kumalae


The Manifestor has the amazing talent and ability to create, to realise, to transform visions into reality. She brings dreams on the ground and makes ideas tangible. She is a treasure in every team of dreamers and visionaries, as she soon seeks ways to practically realise the things which others can only imagine. Indeed, she is a precious bridge-builder between the realm of dreams, visions and ideas and the tangible “real world”. The Manifestor also coordinates the work of her own inner team: she is capable of dreaming big and envisioning future scenarios as well as asking herself the question: “what does it all need to happen?”.

All this requires not only creativity but immense inner power. The Manifestor has an inner source of motivation, perseverance, drive and energy. However, these are not inexhaustible resources. She also needs to recharge her batteries, inspiration and thriving relationships to be able to unfold her full potential.

If you pick this card, you are called to step into the Manifestor’s energy: What wants to be manifested through you? Hold this is your awareness, go and get it done.



*What are the things, which you wish to manifest in your life? What are the dreams, ideas and visions lingering around in you waiting to be realised?

*What steps could you take to get close to manifesting these visions?



Recall at least three situations in your life, when you realised something which was previously only a thought, idea or dream for you. Make a beautiful note or a picture for each one and put it up on a wall, a mirror, a door that you look at every day. Reconnect with that manifestation force and energy of yours when needed. You have it – go and use it!