The Missionary

The Missionary


The Missionary has an uncompromising belief, a strong opinion and even some concrete ideas for making this world a better place. He knows exactly what others should do, think and how they should behave to live a happy, fulfilling and ethical life. Or how to save the world by making a few simple sacrifices, which everyone, really everyone is capable of. If everyone would just stop eating meat / live in a commune / meditate / separate their waste / love each other etc., all problems of the world would be solved.

The Missionary does not fail to express and elaborate his viewpoint on any social occasion. Whether it be a family gathering, a relaxed get-together or a coffee break with colleagues. It does not really matter to him if there is one or many people, he expresses himself with the same assertiveness and level of enthusiasm. The Missionary´s empathy reaches its limits very easily though. He just cannot grasp how others are not capable of seeing and understanding the obvious.

To see the issues of the world in their complexity, accept fellow humans and yourself with all imperfections, recognising that there is not one ultimate answer or simple solution for all challenges and questions of life is no easy task for the Missionary nor for many of us.

Beyond the facade of the all-knowing teacher, the Missionary is very often far from being the firm and wise person he is aiming to display to the outside world. His uncompromising belief in a certain thing might cover many past stories, unreflected emotions and frustration about failing to connect with others in an authentic way.

However, the Missionary has energy, passion and commitment about a cause which shall not be underestimated. If the Missionary manages to explore an authentic and empathic way of expression of what he believes in and to propose it as one of the possible solutions, he might have impact in ways and levels that he might not even have thought about before.

When you pick this card you are invited to explore recognising the validity of other viewpoints to strengthen what you feel called to.



* On which universal answer do you currently find yourself preaching about?



Dare to try an experiment: What would change if you would let other opinions in? Name an issue you really care about but often cannot value or let other opinions in. Ask two people for options what you could do differently or how to behave differently. One person should be someone you feel comfortable with and you might know already. The other person, someone you don’t know so well or feel so comfortable with. Ask them to spontaneously name a few things that they can imagine you could do differently. Make notes. During the experiment, only listen and do not censor what they say. Try to hear every option. Only ask if you didn’t understand something specific.  How was it? Are there interesting options to consider?