The Prince and The Princess

The Prince and The Princess


The Prince and The Princess are aspects of our inner child on our way to becoming an adult and the captains of our own ship and direction. In particular, these two characters are the premature elements to becoming “King” and “Queen” in the best archetypal sense: taking responsibility of our lives and mission, taking care of and contributing to the world, being humble, generous and gracious, acting from a place of self-esteem and dignity.

Both qualities are as essential as remembering of one’s inner child who is a great visionary, a tuned-in, blissful, a dreamer and with real superpowers. As an adult we have the ability to tap into that source in a responsible way. In order to do so we need to learn to take our Prince and Princess on our own hands and lead together.

But, the Prince and the Princess often have a hard time growing up and coming of age, as it’s sometimes just too convenient to sit in the middle of it all and allow yourself whims and dreams, but let others take responsibility for them.

The Prince is a maybe a little fiery and glamorous, playful and capricious. There is a beautiful quality of youth and freshness in the Prince. Often bringing new ideas, trying things out, offering glamour to the room and most of all providing appreciation of self and others. The Prince is a bit like the new glimmer of hope on the horizon and his whims are therefore are often indulged by others. He sometimes overshoots the mark but knows exactly how to act in order to gain attention and sometimes even how to act irresponsibly and get away with it by a bit of graceful, charming apologising. The Prince is on an immense learning journey and he often overestimates himself and his powers. This is the time in life to learn how to accept this transition and coming-of-age and take the best qualities of the young Prince with us over the threshold into adulthood.

The Princess is a tender, ever so glamorous and graceful being. She is the embodiment of innocence and beauty, people live to do everything for her, to protect her and serve her. The Princess is the glamorous point of attention, her energy is so delightful that no one would deny her presence and her requests. She is full of dreams and ideas and even if she may seem shy, she also knows exactly how to act in order to have people do what she likes or what she doesn’t like to do herself.

As a consequence, she often needs too much attention and energy of others and is afraid of stepping up and taking responsibility herself. She needs to feel safe and protected to just be herself, and just like the Prince we need to find a way to take her best qualities over the threshold into adulthood.

On our way to adulthood we shouldn’t stay too attached to other’s support and get too comfy in a position that is in favour of people with power.  Both have not yet found the courage to really stand up as a King or Queen. Maybe with good reason as sometimes it seems we get told as responsible adults we are no longer allowed to nourish ourselves with that source of dreaming and freshness. This is a story to let go of and start finding a way to co-operate with these resources, the inner child and the responsible adult.



*Can you identify the Prince or Princess in your behaviour sometimes? How do you feel when that occurs?



Remember your Prince’s/Princess’s most original being and find the time to enact that energy: drawing or painting a picture of how he/she looks, masquerading, listening to him/her and her dreams and visions. These are the gifts of their energy. If you feel ready for it: Step into an inner dialogue with that energy and ask what his/her needs are. What powerful energy is in you that the Princess/Princess can trust? What ally do they need within you so that they feel safe? What can you do to take responsible care of these needs?

Please feel invited to enact both Prince or Princess independent of your sex or gender.