The Spectator

The Spectator


“Life is not a spectator sport. If you’re going to spend your whole life in the grandstand just watching what goes on in my opinion you’re wasting your life.”

Jackie Robinson


The Spectator secretly makes a difference between spectators and players. He loves to watch projects, people, world-shaking stories unfold. It’s amazing to stand at the edge of the playing field witnessing and knowing what is going on. Sometimes cheering and firing people up. Knowing what went right, or wrong, estimating people’s steps. It is great to watch and reflect and analyse from that point of view – and it’s safe, because here nothing can happen.

The Spectator also loves to make use of his vista and tell other people about what he knows. Sometimes, it is worthwhile and valuable to have people being such great witnesses and analysts. It almost feels like being part of that story or project. Almost. Sometimes, however, it leaves a bit of an bland taste when you are in the position of Spectator, and only watching or talking  about what others have done, accomplished, risked, experienced….staying out of the game.

When you pick this card you might need a bit of encouragement to make a step towards becoming an actor instead of staying a spectator. It’s time to start the real experience, time to find out which games you really want to play and taking on responsibility for it to get involved in.



*What is holding you back to really step amidst the the doers and risk something?



Where do you remain a spectator and leave others to the playing field? Where does it contribute to a situation and when does it start to actually hold you back? Write down the risks you would take when you would start shifting yourself from spectator to actor. Pick a few risks – i.e. people would find me ridiculous, I might fail, it’s too intense etc. Acknowledge that you have fears, reasons etc. It’s absolutely ok, and it is not about overcoming these things by irrationally stepping over your borders.