The Surfer

The Surfer


“My passion for surfing was more than my fear of sharks.”

Bethany Hamilton


Yes! The Surfer is the incarnation of coolness and adventure. He chooses totality, LIFE, adrenaline. Physically, he is vivacious, strong and agile.

And, there is more depth to it. The Surfer has the capacity to be fully concentrated and present in order to catch the wave at its perfect instant. He is ready and alert. He observes the wave building up, predicts its peak, feels the moment to move towards it and jumps on the board. The Surfer unites physical activity with a mindset of serenity. He cultivates his love and connection to the ocean and chases entering into a state of consciousness, called flow.

When you pick this card: Jump on the board! Now is the perfect time to catch the wave. If you are offered an adventurous, challenging task that makes you feel alive, go for it! If you hesitate and doubt, you’ll be watching the most beautiful waves passing by. The Surfer also reminds you to practise perseverance. Yes, in the beginning you’ll fall off the board and maybe even get under a wave much more often than you actually enjoy a smooth ride. If you succeed however, this experience of flow rewards all efforts. By the way, isn’t it about getting wet to really taste the water?



*What makes you feel alive?

*What is the wave in your life (or even the waves)? What is the chance that life is offering you right now?

*Is there an activity that easily allows you to enter a state of flow? What is it for you?



Take 5 minutes and sit still. Look at your everyday life. Choose one of these two qualities: Adventure or Serenity. What is your soul yearning for at this point in life? Imagine your life, with pictures, stories, colours, people: How would it look like if it was rich in adventure/serenity?

Create images in your head; lush and powerful. Daydream. No censoring of your imagination!

How do you feel within these stories? Then, slowly come back and harvest some of these images, by asking yourself: How can I integrate this feeling more in my everyday life? How can I awaken my adventurous soul? How do I calm down in order to look at my inner ocean, with its emotional and mental tides, in serenity.