The Warrior

The Warrior


“Do. Or do not. There is no try.”



Have you ever secretly or not so secretly fallen in love with a Warrior depicted in a story or a movie? Do you know the longing for the Warrior’s uncompromising force in yourself? In contemporary media culture, we meet them as strong, fierce figures with a sharp sword and shining armour, beating up the “bad guys”. Sometimes depicted as anti-heros, but always brave in their way, fearlessly committed to their cause and not afraid to confront danger and the unknown…

The Warrior’s essential quality is about being focussed and committed to what is important to him (even peacefully). He remains both strong-willed and flexible, no matter what lies in the way, no matter what might scare him – he dares to go for it, he dares to show up and trusts that he is fully equipped in his abilities. The Warrior draws his power from within, from his core, his presence, intention and willpower.

When you pick this card you are invited to take a hearty step into the Warrior’s quality. It means feeling connected to your core, standing strong and grounded on your own two feet, knowing what you want and need right now, knowing what you stand for, and being committed to it. It means sourcing your strength and actions from your core, from your deepest purpose so you can show up and serve your call.



*How does your own power feel physically? Locate and anchor this feeling in your body.



Connect with what is truly important to you. Sharpen your intention so that it becomes piercing like a arrow. You might even take the posture of an archer pointing his arrow to a target. Focus.

With this mental state: How can you overcome obstacles you are facing to fully go for it? Say it loud, strong and spontaneously. Then go and do it.