The heART of Change
27-29th May 2016
KlosterGut Schlehdorf- Germany

„Tell me what is your plan to do with your own wild and precious life?“ Mary Oliver

The heART of  Change project is the co-creation of 6 inspired young professionals of 4 European organisations in education for global change. During the last 16 months we have written a book, created a set of creative coaching cards and produced a training course curriculum, which include contemporary tools, maps and methods that aim to support young adults on the quest of  discovering and following their unique call, finding their authentic vocation and living a purposeful life dedicated to nurture positive global change.

Our guiding principle is  living purposefully in times of immense complexity and increasing global challenges. We aim to empower young adults to walk their own authentic path in life and make a difference by developing their sense of responsibility, initiative, creativity and leadership skills, as well as their  abilities  for connection and cooperation.

During this weekend we would like to explore possibilities of connecting and co-creating around our core themes: finding authentic vocation, fostering social transformation and developing entrepreneurial skills and attitudes.

We are glad to share with you The heART of Change Outputs:

  • the book „Take the Future in Your Hands – A Roadmap to Authentic Vocation and Social Transformation“
  • the poking and handy set of card „Take the Future in Your Hands – The Unsticking Game“ for all of these moments where you feel stuck and can use a little impulse to take a next step
  • the one week training format „The heART of CHANGE“ for young adults questioning their path, wanting to connect with their call and purpose and explore their individual roadmap and tools to turn vulnerable „in-between-states“ in transformation and change.

We will be 20 youth workers and professionals from fields of education, youth empowerment, community building, training and facilitation gathering from different corners of Europe to:

  • host each other and spend quality time together;
  • share our inspiration, ideas and questions;
  • get to know each other on deeper levels and explore shared ideas, interests and potential collaboration;
  • explore possible bridging to existing institutions, organisations, companies and contexts (such as schools, universities, social work, NGOs and the for-profit sector);
  • get to know KlosterGut Schlehdorf and Project Peace: two innovative and inspiring local, regional and international initiatives and eco-social projects for youth empowerment, community building and igniting global change.


KlosterGut Schlehdorf, a beautiful eco-social community project (education, sustainable agriculture, nature) amidst
mountains and lakes in Southern Germany (not far from Münich). For more information please visit:

DATE 27-29TH MAY 2016
Please arrive on Friday until 5pm. Departure is on Sunday evening or Monday morning (If you feel like staying longer and enjoying early summer in the stunning nature of KlosterGut Schlehdorf you are welcome to do so. Please let us know via email.)

Basic accommodation is provided in shared rooms and in tents.
For all types of accommodation: please bring your own sleeping bag and a sheet for mat and cushion. There are not enough indoor sleeping spaces for all, so please let us know in the registration email (first come, first serve)!
For outdoor sleeping: will be a few spaces in the outdoor yurt and plenty of camp spots for tents (please bring your own tent!). In case you have a van, there are a few suitable parking lots.
Note on landscape and weather: We have stunning lake “Kochelsee” and a nice alpine mountain range in walking
distance. Usually, end of May in the pre-alps is pretty sunny and warm but you never know. As Schlehdorf is close to the mountains, there is always a chance for rain, so bring your rain gear and suitable shoes and clothing.
If you would like to stay on after May29th/morning May30th: please check with
There will be rooms available.

3 vegetarian meals per day will be provided. Coffee and tea are included.

The costs of accommodation, food and program of the weekend are covered by the Erasmus+ Programme (as the international multiplier event of the proVOCAting innovaTION strategic partnership project).
We ask for a sliding scale contribtuion between 50 and 100 euros to support the work of the organisers and to contribute to the production of our output products.
You can determine the exact amount of your contribution based on your income, financial possibilites and the country you are coming from (we are inviting participants from different regions of Europe with different economic situations).

If you have any questions concerning the event and practical details such as travelling and
accommodation, don´t hesitate to contact us.
Please write an email to Annette Loy to:

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