Valentina’s Story


Briefly after my study in Communication Sciences in 2005 I started working with groups of young people from 16 to 25 years old organising social integration projects through living in Nature. The majority of these projects include international activities where young people coming from all over Europe meet for 10 days to live and work together in community.
Together we harvested olives, rebuilt old stone walls, made a pond, cleaned a beach. These activities made us feel alive and connected to ourselves, the others and to all what surrounds us.
We discovered that revealing ourselves in a circle, singing together and looking at the stars around the bonfire makes us discover the small simple things that do good to the heart.
We learned how to play with new and different languages and discovered that in this way it is easier to learn them. We met many friends that showed us how different we are and at the same time how similar and united.
I’m grateful to all the girls and boys I have encountered up to now because thanks to them I understood a lot on myself, discovering parts I did not know before. I also got conscious about my role of guiding the young people into doing little steps into a new and unknown space. I learned how to share with them my passions, like singing, life in Nature, Permaculture, being and laughing together.
With some of the participants of the projects I organised we keep on meeting and sharing, with others the contact is only there sometimes but in those brief moments they tell how the experiences we made together were so important for their lives.
This vivid and sometimes complex path gives a lot of satisfaction and motivation to continue my work, committing to offer a safe space where to learn and grow together.