A Roadmap to Authentic Vocation for Social Transformation


6 full-day workshops to find and follow your authentic path and explore how much beauty and sense you can bring to the world by living your purpose.


Dates and themes:

4th February – Open up your treasure box!

Is there a longing or a silent wish that awakens from time to time inside you? Do you feel that activities (or even your job) that used to be important and meaningful to you somehow no longer fill you with joy,  or is already devoid of meaning? It is as if you have grown out of your own life. Like a piece of clothing that gets too small. You may ask yourself “is this all there is?”, while deep inside you have the sense that more is possible! If you feel such a calling, come along on this journey. We will set on this path together and you will be able to explore and map out your gifts, talents and special qualities as signposts to your own life-path. This day is dedicated to unfolding your power and potential to be able to walk the path that is truly yours!

5th February – Me and the world  – from crises to opportunity

We all could write endless lists about things which are “not really right” in this world.
Engaging and “doing something” seems to be highly important in a world of growing social and ecological challenges. But where do we start and what do we do? And how can we engage with the challenges of our time in a way that is empowering, inspiring and even fun? This part of the journey is about finding out how your personal life-path is connected to what is going on in the world. It is about finding out which issues truly call for your authentic engagement. It is about exploring inspiring alternatives, stepping into your power, finding your voice and taking a stand.

25th February –  Weaving and visioning – with Head, Hand and Heart

This part of  our journey is about weaving the threads together. It is about exploring how you can find and live a contribution through which your unique gifts and passions meet a social or ecological need. By truly following your authentic path, you do not only do good to yourself. When uniting the path of our calling, gifts and passions with your deepest values and your inner power of taking a stand, your impact reaches far beyond your immediate circles of interest. It is a way of being of service – to yourself and to the world.  Weaving these threads together brings you back to the core intention of this journey: following the life-path that is truly yours, finding and living your authentic vocation.

26th February – Crossing the Threshold

To know what you want doesn’t automatically lead to action. In fact, in between knowing what you’re called to do and actually doing it, there is often a big gap: you might be longing for a dream to come true – but when it could actually happen, you escape and hide, finding a billion obstacles and reasons for not following your call: It’s not the right time, not enough money, not the right people, not the right me. It’s too big, too small, too early, too late, too risky, too squeezed-in, too whatever. Becoming visible with your own uniqueness and bringing your gifts to your community requires courage. Experiencing insecurities, self-criticism and self-doubt on one’s path is totally normal and part of the game. This workshop is about cultivating trust, courage, confidence and other skills to be able to cross your inner threshold in order to manifest your calling – not only on the level of dreams and ideas but also through plans and actions.

18th March – Aaand… Action!

Even though the road until now have been bumpy, deep inside you know: YES, this is my dream that I wish to bring into the world. YES, this is the idea I am passionate about and that I am willing to carry out. YES, I am ready to focus and engage with my dream/idea/project.
This dream, idea, project you want to carry out is a crystallisation of your gifts, talents, values and all the hidden aspects you carry inside you, which have been growing, unfolding and appearing throughout your life in many different forms. This is your unique contribution to the world, your way of taking a stand and claiming your place. Now this is the moment that all these essential qualities, intentions and visions come together to take a clear shape.  This workshop is for you if and when you are ready to take that step. We aim to support you in the process of gaining clarity about how to get your dream off the ground, putting your plans into action and kick-starting your project.

19th March – Burning for without burning out

Engaging with full power, drive and commitment with your dream-project is amazing, beautiful and uplifting. However, working on issues you are deeply enthusiastic or concerned about, serving something bigger and creating your lifework also invites you to go over your own boundaries and to forget about all the other aspects life holds besides work. It might happen at some point that you take on too many assignments just because you felt a deep urge to contribute and got swept away by your own enthusiasm. As you push yourself to the limits, your steam will inevitably run out, and you might start to feel overwhelmed, stressed, drained and doubtful. This workshop is about cultivating resilience and mindfullness concerning your inner resources – so that you can keep on burning for your dream without burning out throughout the process.


Location: Das Baumhaus (Gerichtstr. 23, 13347 Berlin)
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